Explore Diablo

Summer 2020

Mount Diablo Summit Trail Hike
Staircase Trail
Katydid on Gumweed
Summit Trail
Burned Tree from the Morgan Fire in 2013
Devil's Pulpit
Rhine Canyon
Gorgon Copper Butterfly on Wooly Sunflower
California Buckwheat
Canyon Liveforever
Devil's Pulpit
Summit Tower
Summit Sign
Eagle Peak from the Summit
North Peak from the Summit
Curry Canyon
Highland Ridge
Alligator Lizards
Gopher Snake
Ridge View Trail
Pine Canyon
Ridge View Trail
North Gate Road
Arroyo del Cerro
Briones Loop Hike from Springhill Road
Sunrise Trail
Rock Sculpture and Mount Diablo
Turkey Vultures
Turkey Vultures
Turkey Vulture
Sunrise Trail
Briones Reservoir from Russell Peak Trail
Russell Peak
Mount Diablo from Springhill Trail
Springhill Trail
Mount Diablo Donner and Back Canyon Loop Hike from Clayton
Donner Canyon Road
Hetherington Trail
Hetherington Trail
Tick Wood Trail
View Towards Black Diamond Mines
Treepod Selfie
Tick Wood Trail
Eagle Peak
Grapes in Back Creek Canyon
Back Creek Trail
Coffee Fern
Mount Diablo